Electrifying Motion

Europe plans to ban all internal combustion engine driven vehicles by 2030. The rest of the world follows the sooner or later. By the same year, 80% of the world’s population will live in ever-growing cities and megacities. This circumstance poses enormous challenges for society, especially when it comes to transportation and while we all try to go „green“to save the planet, we consequently turn electric when it comes to transportation.

At Yamamoto, we are developing state of the art electric mobility solutions. We specialize in two-wheelers mainly, with one exception. We are convinced that transportation, especially when it comes to commuting, will shift from four to two-wheelers for one simple reason. Two-wheeled vehicles require less space than cars and their energy consumption is far lower. This trend plays a significant role in the future.

The World's Turning Green And Therefore Goes Electric

Yamamoto aims to provide clients with high-quality products that are easy to use, practical, timeless and most of all affordable. Compliance with the highest quality standards of a Swiss-based production is self-evident.

We are in the preparation of building our new website, exclusive to our electric vehicles. Please check our website regularly for the launch of our product line under the following link: www.yamamoto.rocks