Yamamoto started building CNC machines out of pure necessity. Unable to find appropritate machinery at an acceptable price, we decided to design and produce our own CNC Routers and Plasma Cutters. Today, we offer tailor made CNC Technology and Robots to our customers. Let us know what your requirements are. We will design your custom made solution.


Yamamoto CNC & Robotics is specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of taylormade CNC machines and certain robotic applications. We built the system to suit your requirements and offer our customers a full turnkey operation. We shall analyse your needs, offer professional advice and supply the specialist systems that will provide you with a competitive edge at a very competitive price. No matter whether it’s handheld, lightweight units or fully automated CNC and robotic systems, our products will meet your needs.

Built to high quality standards, our CNC controlled routers and plasma cutters are fast and economic methods of machining and cutting.

  • Easy programming and a quick change system (routers) make the systems ideal for both long and short production runs.
  • Rigid steel frame beds, fitted with encoders to give high positional accuracy
  • Fully guarded
  • Available with either PC or PLC control
  • Supplied with heavy duty servo or stepper motors to suit customer requirements
  • Accuracy from +/- 0.10mm to 0.50mm (plasma)
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.05mm (routers) without encoders and +/- 0.01mm with encoders
  • Up to 5 axis systems available


Our routers can be used in a wide variety of industries and markets. The systems are primarily marketed to the woodworking, aerospace, plastics and composites industries but we have found applications in almost every major industry from medical to entertainment.


Our aim is to bring affordable CNC plasma cutting tables to manufacturers. We can personalize each machine for each customer based on production requirements. Normally, torches operate in a water bed which catches all fume and dross and eliminates the need for an additional fume extraction system. Depending on usage the tables inbuilt water drainage system will need to be cleaned out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.