It has been known for quite some time, that the application of electromagnetic frequencies, sound waves, magnetism and electricity can stimulate the growth of plants to an extreme extend. An ideal combination of all these stimuli can increase yields, improve crop quality and protect plants from disease, pests and frost.

Yamamoto Bio Research is dedicated to find new and effective ways to apply easy to use, low level frequencies to seed in order to create higher yielding, more resistant plants and significally reduce the requirement for fertilizer, pesticides and even water. If we better understand voltages and currents that are present in living tissues and manage to influence their causes and consequences, we might be given a powerful tool to nourish an ever growing world population.

Some of our recent findings are simply breathtaking and clearly show that treating not only seed but also plants, soil, nutrients and water lead to results never seen before - boosting soil fertility, plant growth and resistance alike.