Our Promise

Heraclitus once said – „The only thing that is constant is change.“ Look around you and see how true this statement is. Change is a fundamental law of our life. It states that everything in life is in constant change and constantly in a process of becoming something else.

Running a modern company such as Yamamoto Industries means to be aware that nothing will stay exactly as it is. Movement and change constitute the reality of our personal but also our professional being. We at Yamamoto embrace this law and harness it. By doing so, we become an active and creative participant in our ever evolving and changing professional lives. Yamamoto’s aim is to be proactive and to initiate change rather then to just sit there and fight it. We are willing to let go of possible attitudes that have the potential to sabotage us, no matter how comfortable we could be with them and we believe that this approach results in better products and much better services. Technology is our life. Innovation, partnership and commitment to service are the things that drive us and ensure you, that you will always be offered products and services that take full advantage of opportunities. That’s a promise.